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Which Sand Dryer Is the Most Commonly Used

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Sand can be used to make glass, refractories, ceramics, abrasives, smelting silicon iron, metallurgical flux, etc., its usage is quite widespread, especially the after dying sand has more excellent quality, so there's a huge demand for sand on the market. The drying of sand in the sand production line is an important procedure, then what kind of dryer machines can be used to dry sand? Which sand dryer is the most commonly used? Based on years of manufacture and sales experience, Fote Machinery has made the following conclusions:

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The most commonly used sand dryers are two types including the single-drum sand dryer and three-drum sand dryer, these two kinds of dryer machines both are ideal for drying sand, but when the users are going to have the specific choices, they need to consider the applicability, drying rate, consumption, investment, operating cost and other factors of sand dryer machine. According to the investigation, more customers will select the three-drum sand dryer equipment to dry the sand, what are the specific reasons? Next, we will do a detailed analysis of these two kinds of sand dryer.

The traditional single-drum sand dryer has the characteristics of high yield and wide usage, it can be used to dry different materials, at the same time, could be customizable according to users’ production demands. Compared with the single-drum sand dryer, the three-drum sand dryer has more obvious advantages and it is more suitable for the needs of modern industrial economy. 

For instance, the three-drum sand dryer is developed on the basis of the original sand drying equipment, which has the characteristics of small footprint and high production efficiency; The chassis of three-drum sand dryer machine is made of the high-quality thermal insulation material with the three-layer thermal insulation effect, which can effectively control the internal temperature of the three-drum sand dryer to make its drying effect much better; If the production capacity of the user requiring is within 10 tons per hour, especially within 8 tons to 10 tons per hour, then it’s the most reasonable to choose the three-drum sand dryer to achieve the most significant economic benefit, of course, if the user has a larger productivity requirement, he can choose the multiple devices working together to achieve the good sand drying effect. On the whole, if you want to a sand dryer machine to have the high-efficient production capacity and small investment, the three-return sand dryer will definitely be your ideal choice.

Each one has its good points on these two kinds of sand dryer machines, it’s the premise to choose an appropriate sand dryer machine according to your own actual situation if you want the sand dryer to achieve the optimal production state and get twice the result with half the effort. The sand dryer produced by Fote Machinery has the remarkable drying effect, complete model and reasonable price, at the same time, FTM senior engineers can formulate the most economical and reasonable project plan according to your different needs to help you make the maximized economic profits.

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