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External Factors That Impact the Drying Effect of Rotary Dryers

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Rotary dryer is one of the indispensable equipment in ore dressing production line. In order to guarantee the normal production of rotary dryers, after the clients have purchased the rotary dryers, the first thing is to understand the preparation work before the rotary driers installation, the second thing is to learn the user manual of rotary dryers, next the clients are to be concerned with the drying effect of rotary dryers. The drying effect of rotary dryer is affected by many factors, and today the large-scale professional rotary dryer manufacturer---Fote Machinery will mainly introduce some external factors to you, including the ambient humiture, the wet material type, the initial moisture content, the final moisture content and the hot air temperature.

Rotary Dryers

1.Ambient humiture

Generally, the rotary dryers are based on the atmospheric heating for drying medium, the higher atmospheric temperature and the lower humidity are conducive for the rotary driers to dry the materials. And in the rainy and wet areas, because there is the big air humidity, the equilibrium water content of material is bound to rise, these factors will bring down the dried material output, which may fall by 50% in the serious condition.

2.Wet material type

Wet material types are divided by the different combination forms of materials and moisture. Wet materials can be divided into the following three categories:

Capillary porous material

The moisture of the capillary porous material combines into materials mainly depending on the capillary force, such as the sand, silica and activated carbon, the combined strength of moisture and materials is small, so it is relatively easier to be dried by the rotary dryers.

Colloid material

The osmotic combined of moisture and material is dominant, this kind of material generally behaves with the high viscosity, and the combined strength of moisture and material is strong, so it is difficult to be dried by the rotary driers.

Capillary porous colloidal materials

It possesses the properties of the above two types of materials, such as the peat, clay, and wood, however, because the moisture combination forms among the materials are different, so their difficulties of dehydration are not the same under the same drying conditions.

3. Initial moisture content of wet materials

It refers to the moisture content of wet materials before entering the rotary dryers. Usually, the wet materials processed in the rotary dryer has the higher the initial moisture content, the drying effect of rotary dryer is more obvious. Conversely, when the initial moisture content of material is higher and the final moisture content is constant, the rotary dryer can achieve the greater dewatering capacity, but the yield of the dried product will decrease.

4. Final moisture content

In general, the later stage of drying process belongs to the falling-rate drying period, the lower moisture content of material, the harder it is to be dried. Then the rotary dryers will take longer time to dry the material and its thermal efficiency and dried material yield will decrease.

5. Hot air temperature

Hot air temperature or dry medium temperature is the most sensitive condition in the drying process of rotary dryers. The higher the hot air temperature is, the more heat energy it contains, and the lower the relative humidity of the hot air is, then the absorbing moisture ability of the hot air is stronger, which are very beneficial for the rotary driers to dry materials and have the high thermal efficiency. For most of drying equipment, when other conditions remain unchanged, the drying capacity of the dryer is proportional to the change of hot air temperature. in direct proportion to the change in the temperature of the hot air.

As long as one of the factors changes, the production capacity of the rotary dryers will be affected. Thus, we should pay attention to the aspects not only some internal factors such as the selection and maintenance of rotary dryers, also these external factors, so as to make the production efficiency of our rotary dryers have greater improvement and bring more economic benefits. For more information on the rotary dryers, please contact FTM rotary dryer experts online, they will provide you with the most satisfactory answers. Email us at customer@sinoftm.com

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