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How to Effectively Lower the Industrial Drum Dryer Noise

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At the runtime of drum dryer, it tends to make the squealing noise, which causes the noise pollution to the surrounding and affects people's normal lives, and damages the audition of the operator to a certain extent, therefore, it is important to reduce the noise of the drum dryer. In response to this problem, FTM experts have proposed four methods to reduce the dryer drum noise.

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Method One: Installing the silencer

Install an absorbing sound screen around the draught fan of drum dryer, at the same time, add an acoustic shield on the draught fan or build an anechoic room or a silence pit at the air outlet so as to reduce the drum dryer noise.

Method Two: Installing the vibration isolation device

Install the vibration isolation device on the base of the drum dryer and the parts where the noise is easy to generate, it is used to reduce the drum dryer vibration by taking advantage of the elastic materials such as spring and rubber, which can also effectively lower the industrial drum dryer noise.

Method Three: Adopting the method of sealing sound insulation

We can use the steel structural framework and the sheet steel to make the shell, in which smear the damping layer and fill with the ultra-fine glass wool or other sound absorbing materials to seal off the whole drum dryer. However, it is important to note the heat dissipation because the drum temperature of drum dryer is high during the drying process, so we should carry out the scientific and orderly plan, do not transform it blindly to avoid the draught fan of drum dryer is burnt because of the improper heat dissipation.

Method Four: Overhauling the drum dryer components

After the drum dryer equipment is running for a period of time, there will be a series of faults in the drum dryer components. For example, the drum dryer foundation will be shaking, the drum dryer bearing will be worn or without the sufficient lubricating oil, the drum dryer fastener will be loose and so on, these faults may cause the dryer drum noise. Once the above faults occur, we should stop the drum dryer equipment in time, place the workpiece evenly and reinstall the drum dryer equipment, or replace the drum dryer bearing and add the lubricating oil, or tighten the dryer drum loose parts, etc.

Hopefully, we wish the above four methods can help the drum dryer users to solve the dryer drum noise problem in a timely manner. Fote Machinery as a well-known drum dryer manufacturer with more than 30-year story, has created the different types of high-quality industrial dryer equipment through the constant research and development, mainly includes the rotary dryer, drum dryer, rotary drum dryer, and the industrial dryer of processing various materials. If you have some needs on our industrial dryer, welcome to consult us.

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