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How to Control the Hot Air Temperature of Coal Dryer

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In the process of a coal dryer drying coal, it mainly relies on the circulation of hot air to dry the materials. If the hot air temperature of the coal dryer fails to meet the requirement, the drying efficiency and drying quality of the coal rotary dryer will not be standard, therefore, it is the priority of the whole drying process to ensure the normal hot air temperature of coal dryer. The following are some points on how to control the hot air temperature of coal rotary dryer introduced by FTM coal dryer manufacturer.

coal dryer work site

Coal Dryer Work Site

1. Commonly, the coal dryer users supply the heat for dryer equipment by firing coal, if the coal-fired supply decreases or the coal-fired quality is too poor, it will directly affect the heat exchange temperature of the coal dryer cylinder, and lead to the inadequate heating of the wet coal material, so the drying effect of coal dryer and the quality of dried material will reduce.

Solution: Hence, users should purchase the high-quality fuel and ensure the sufficient fuel supply in the operation of coal rotary dryer.

2. Induced draft fan is the main traction of the heat medium into coal dryer equipment, in addition, the air volume of induced draft fan has the very big concern with the flow velocity and flow rate of the coal dryer hot medium. When the air volume of induced draft fan is insufficient, the flow velocity and rate of the heat medium will reduce, consequently, which makes the heat exchange between the coal dryer cylinder and material not be uniform neither efficient, then the hot air temperature of coal dryer is insufficient.

Solution: In view of this problem, coal dryer users should ensure that the air volume of the induced draft fan is large enough, so that the hot air temperature of coal dryer can keep at the normal value.

3. The induced draft fan and air blower of coal dryer are not able to coordinate effectively.

Solution: Timely check the cause of the fault and make the right adjustment. If the induced draft fan has been used for a long time, check whether the impellers of induced draft fan have been worn, if it is, replace the fan impellers as soon as possible.

4. Air leakage of hot-blast furnace and coal dryer drum joints or other parts results in the drop of hot air temperature inside the coal rotary dryer. Probably, due to the halfhearted attitude of technical personnel in the manufacture process of coal dryer, the welding parts of coal dryer are not tightly sealed, or because the material elastic of the coal rotary dryer equipment is not reasonable, the weld joints craze after the coal dryer equipment is installed, which lead to the air leakage of the equipment and the cylinder temperature drop, as a result the hot air temperature of coal dryer is not high enough.

Solution: Fote Machinery suggests that clients should choose the coal rotary dryer from the regular-brand rotary dryer manufacturers, since, the high-quality coal dryer not only possesses the good raw material, but also has the guaranteed casting craftwork. Furthermore, clients also should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the coal rotary dryer and regularly check the sealing part connection of the coal dryer, in order to avoid the air leakage of equipment cylinder and affecting the drying effect of coal rotary dryer.

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