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What is Common Drum Dryers Used in Mineral Dressing Field

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As a mineral resources developer, we should have a good understanding of various drying machines, especially sand dryer, indirect heat transfer dryer, fly ash dryer and slime dryer. Only have a deeper understanding of various dryers can know what kind of dryer is suitable to use. Here is a brief description of these dryers manufactured by Fote Machinery.

Two common coal dryers for coal processing

FTM Fly Ash Dryer: Before introducing what is a fly ash dryer, first of all to know what the fly ash is. Fly ash is the product of coal combustion in power plant, belongs to the waste. With the development of science and technology, coal resource is becoming more and more precious, the utilization of waste needs to be improved, and the emergence of fly ash dryer solves this problem.

FTM Slime Dryer: It belongs to rotary dryer or rotary drum dryer equipment, which is the quite mature drying equipment produced by mine equipment manufacturer. The utility model relates to a slime drying machine, which is composed of a heat source, a scattering device, a belt-type feeding machine, a rotary drum, a belt-type discharging machine, an induced draft fan, a discharger and a power distribution cabinet. High- efficiency and energy-saving FTM coal slime dryer is a new kind of drying equipment developed on the basis of drum dryer. The following is the performance description of FTM slime dryer:

1. FTM coal slime dryer system adopts the new-type feeding and discharging devices, which eliminates the phenomenon of jam, discontinuity, uneven and revert in the feeding process of coal slime dryer and reduces the load of the dust removal system.

2. FTM slime drying machine adopts the aligning wheel supporting device , so that the matching of the riding wheel and the roller is always in a linear contact, thereby greatly reducing the wear and power losses.

Description of FTM sand dryer and FTM indirect heat transfer dryer

FTM sand dryer: The river sand dryer and sea sand dryer both belong to the rotary dryer equipment. The sand belongs to the material that permits a slight pollution, so the heating medium can be chosen as hot air and flue gas. When using FTM sand dryer, you can choose to use high-temperature hot air to dry directly, which will not only dry thoroughly but also dry faster for the sand material. The constitution of FTM sand dryer is roughly the same as FTM rotary drum dryer’s, they both have fourteen components, plus all kinds of excellent supporting equipment.

FTM indirect heat transfer dryer: It is the equipment used in the cement factory to dry limestone, clay, coal powder and other mixed materials. FTM indirect heat transfer dryer is mainly used for drying the certain humidity materials or the certain particle materials in ore beneficiation, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industries and other departments. It has the strong adaptability to materials, can be used to dry all kinds of materials, and the equipment operation is simple and reliable, therefore, it has been widely used in various industries.

If you have some needs of industrial dryer, please call FTM dryer please chat with our online service directly. Looking forward to the cooperation with you.

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