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How Much is the Small Sand Dryer

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The small sand dryer is a type of small volume, high drying efficiency, less breakdown and long service life drying equipment, the sand dryer has strong sand drying pertinence, makes the sand after drying have wide application field, next we will briefly introduce some information about the small sand dryer price.

Influence factors of the small sand dryer price

The reason why the price of the small sand dryer is high and low, that is influenced by a variety of factors. The specific influence factors are as follows:

1.Model size

There are many models of the small sand dryer, the different types of equipment price must be different. Generally, the price of large-size equipment will be higher than that of smaller equipment.

2.User’s demand

The user's demand for the small sand dryer and the supply quantity of the sand dryer manufacturer are the direct factors influencing the sand dryer price. If the user who buys the sand dryer equipment is more, the supply quantity of the manufacturer is less, there will be the phenomenon of demand exceeds supply, at this moment the market price of sand dryer is high; On the contrary, if the sand dryer buyer is fewer, the equipment supply of the manufacturer is less, and the market price of the equipment is low.

3.Raw material price

Different small sand dryer manufacturers, the raw material price used in the equipment manufacturing certainly exists some differences, if the raw material purchase price is higher, the production cost of equipment is higher, so the equipment price is higher; On the contrary, the sand dryer price is low.

4.Sales method

The selling method of different sand dryer manufacturer may be different, at present, there are two selling method---online sales and offline sales. In general, the price of sand dryer sold online is much lower than the price of sand dryer sold offline, because online sales can save a lot of costs.

FTM small sand dryer price

FTM small sand dryer has complete model and high-performance cost ratio, and the price of the FTM sand dryer is made very reasonably, greatly reduce the user's investment cost.

1.Fote Machinery adopts online and offline two kinds of sales method, and the cost of selling equipment is lower so as to the price of FTM sand dryer is more economical.

2.Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou province of China, the transportation here is convenient, the overall price is low, and the consumption level of people in this region is relatively low, thus FTM small sand dryer price is certainly low.

3.Fote Machinery can independently research and produce various drying machines, which can effectively control the cost of production, so FTM sand dryer is cheaper than others.

In short, FTM small sand dryer is cost-effective, and its cost performance is also high, so welcome the interested users to buy and choose us at any time, FTM purchasing hotline: +86-371-69606666.

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