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Considerations for Buying and Installing Rotary Dryers

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When purchasing the rotary dryer, customers should have a thorough understanding and positioning of their actual conditions. From the actual demand of production, they should choose the rotary dryer suitable for themselves through the professional guidance. Before purchasing the rotary dryers, you should first understand the model of the rotary dryer and its corresponding features, as well as the safety precautions when used. As far as possible to the regular drying machine manufacturer having entity inspection, carefully observe whether the rotary dryer manufacturer has the production capacity and whether the drying equipment can dry your material to your ideal drying degree.

The considerations during the rotary dryer installing process

1.Check the packing list of drying machine, take stock of parts, components, scale, equipment documents, etc., check whether there are any missing parts, deformation, damage or other bad conditions, and make a record to purchase or prepare before the installation. Remove the protective coating, dust, oil or rust on the rotary dryer, inspect and repair the damage and deformation caused during the transportation. Pre-inspection and pre-assembling for the spare parts and pivot fittings in order to avoid rework during installation, and ensure the installation schedule and installation quality.

2.Installing the exhaust pipe of the separator indoors is forbidden, because the smoke edifying air can lead that the production work can’t be carried out in a rhythmic way. The correct method is to add the installation of the flue gas pipeline suitable for outdoor, as indicated by the instructions, the pipeline should be up 500 millimeters above the roof.

3.Before the operating of the drying equipment, do careful cleaning in the rotary dryer feeder and the feeder tube body, if don't clean up the impurity long-term will be ‘many a little make a mickle’, even due to the large amount of water, the impurity will accumulate into blocks, which will seriously affect the normal production and working quality of rotary dryer.

4.When the rotary dryer is unobstructed, you also should inspect and check the fan blades and the corner of every bent pipe, to remove the dregs attached to them in time. If other dust removal pipes or heat storage devices are installed, the materials should be directly sent into the fan inlet for drying.

5. In order to control the temperature of the rotary dryer, to configure the thermocouple in the charging and discharging device, the temperature gauge can show the real temperature change of the drying machine and provide a basis for better control of the working temperature (350 to 380 degrees) in the drum body.

6.The users should make full use of the heat produced by the production of carbonized furnace and its volatilization gas, to dry the materials at the carbonization furnace door, which can save a lot of fuel, reduce production cost and improve the economic benefit for users.

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