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Investment Prospect and Advantages of Slime Rotary Dryers

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The coal slime rotary drying equipment is the commonly said coal slime rotary dryer or slime rotary dryer, the equipment is mainly responsible for dehydration and drying of containing water coal slime, the following is the introduction of slime rotary dryers' performance advantages and investment prospects.

◆The performance advantages of slime rotary dryers

1. Drying effect--- The drying system of slime rotary dryers adopt the direct contact way between the thermal smoke and the material needing to be dried, they have the sufficient heat exchange, so the drying effect of slime rotary driers are good.

2. System operation--- Due to the high-degree system integration of the coal slime rotary dryers, and this type of rotary dryers are equipped with automatic intelligent monitoring system, which monitors the main parts of drying equipment such as the hearth of hot-blast furnace, the inlet and outlet of drying machine, and the inlet of induced draft fan, their temperature, pressure, flame and anaerobic parameters are monitored in real time. So the slime rotary driers have high degree of automation and simple operation.

3. Utilization efficiency--- The heat source of coal slime rotary dryers are the pulverized coal furnace with as high as 99% coal combustion rate, this pulverized coal furnace not only has good heat transfer effect and efficiency, but can save 30-50% coal source compared with the traditional coal heating stove. The finely pulverized coal produced in the drying process can also be used as the fuel, which can greatly reduce the fuel cost of slime rotary driers.

4. Investment validity--- The slime rotary dryers are energy-saving, needing low investment, having high-cost performance and short capital recovery cycle, which has good investment prospect.

◆The investment prospect of slime rotary dryers

Through the market feedback, the prospect of investment in coal slime rotary dryers is broad, mainly shown in the following points:

1.It is conducive to a large amount of output for high-quality coal slime. The slime composed of a mixture of coal and water is produced during the coal washing and the coal transported by water, has better quality than the raw coal. It has wide application after being dried, at the same time, it can generate larger benefits if produced according to the national standard.

2.It can promote the emergence of commercial coal economic growth point. Coal slime rotary dryers can adjust the coal slime products produced by coal separating plant to be the commercial coal, which can be mixed with raw coal or middlings coal for sale. Then it can change the dry slime price from the original coal waste or by-product price to the thermal coal price, finally make the coal slime as a new economic growth point.

3.It can indirectly solve the secondary pollution problem. The equipment can be used to solve the problem that the slime washed away with water and flying in the wind in the mining area where the coal slime products are stacked in.

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