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How to Judge the Combustion Flame Size of the Chip Dryer

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The chip dryer is one of the drying machines produced by Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., which is also a kind of drying equipment popular with users. FTM chip dryer is a process of removing moisture from the wet materials by using the heat from the burning coal as a heat carrier. Almost all the chip dryers used in the industry are heated by the combustion furnace, and the combustion furnace is bound to have the open fire. The fire can be divided in size, so how do you judge the size of the combustion flame in the chip dryer?

chip dryer

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of fire in the combustion furnace of chip dryer, which are the big fire, small fire and normal fire.

The first thing to introduce is the big fire. The so-called big fire refers to the temperature in the combustion furnace is too high. In this case, the combustion flame will usually appear to be the dazzling white, the excessive fire will cause the material sintered into the agglomerate in the chip dryer drum, and will seriously affect the production efficiency and use period of chip dryer.

The second is the small fire. The small fire means that the temperature of the chip dryer combustion furnace is too low, and the flame is usually in a red state. At this time, due to the insufficient temperature in the chip dryer, the material drying cannot be completed, thus the effect on the final drying efficiency of chip dryer is also quite serious.

chip dryer

And finally is the normal fire. Normal fire is the flame that fits just when the material is dry. Normal fire usually has the following characteristics:

1.The flame shape inside the chip dryer combustion furnace is relatively complete, its movement is stable, and the flame has the certain length and the luminous phenomenon.

2.There is no obvious difference of the combustion flame between the high-temperature zone and the low-temperature zone in the combustion furnace.

3.The motion state of the material in the chip dryer is flexible and there is no stagnation.

4.The material’s color in the drum is basically the same as the inner of chip dryer.

When we judge the different combustion flames in the chip dryer combustion furnace, it is important to note that each person's chromatic discrimination power is different, and the judgment of the fire is distinct, so we should use the unified burner glasses as far as possible while we are in observing the chip dryer flame, so as to judge the real state of the flame. At the same time, we should control the fire color to be different according to the differences of materials’ refractoriness, thereby to avoid the unnecessary things happen.

Fote Machinery hopes every user can grasp the combustion flame in the normal fire when using FTM chip dryer, only in this way, the finished dry materials can be of good quality and sold well. For many years, FTM has always been devoted to the development and renovation of the dryer equipment, and in this process, summarized a lot of knowledge about the drying equipment. If you have any problems in your production, please consult FTM online at any time, we will try our best to help you out! And if you need dryer equipment, welcome your inquiry!

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