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How to Control the Feeding Speed of Rotary Kiln and Dryer

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In the normal production process of rotary kiln and dryer, the feed volume and the kiln speed are stable, and they are also synchronous. But in the actual production, as a result of the circle forming in the rotary kiln and dryer, the cementation of the thick kiln coating or the caving of kiln coating, which makes the material movement blocked, then the material movement speed is uneven to cause the feeding non-uniform. The pre-burning degree of materials also directly affects the movement of materials, so operators should always pay attention to the material feeding changes and adjust the coal quantity in time to ensure the normal calcining in the rotary kiln and dryer.

1.Materials are handled from less to more

Flame is short, thick and shiny compression to the kiln head direction, before the material thickening, the temperature of the kiln tail is down and the negative pressure of kiln tail rises somewhat, which forecast the materials in the rotary kiln and dryer will be reduced by less, at this time, the operator should gradually increase the wind coal quantity of rotary dryer and flame temperature. When the coal quantity is added to a certain amount, the raw material black shadow and the flame shape both can be stable under the normal conditions, then the purpose of adding coal is achieved. After adding coal to a certain limit, the firing zone temperature will continue to decrease, and the black shadow will still be moving to the kiln head, at this moment, the operator should lower the rotation speed of rotary kiln and dryer and reduce the feeding quantity at the same time.

2.Materials are handled from many to less

Flame is elongate, and the firing zone temperature rises, the black shadow away from the kiln head, the slight decrease in the negative pressure of the kiln tail, which indicates that the material quantity in the rotary kiln and dryer is from many to less. At this time, the operator should reduce the coal quantity in time to control the raw material black shadow in the normal range, and make the liter weight of the clinker satisfactory.

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