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What Are the Useful Methods to Dry Gypsum?

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Introduction of gypsum

Gypsum is a monoclinic crystal mineral. Its main chemical composition is the calcium sulfate hydrate (CaSO4). Gypsum is a widely used industrial and building material. It can be used for the cement retardants, building gypsum products, model making, medical food additives, sulphuric acid production, paper padding, paint padding, etc.


How to dry the gypsum

The drying method of gypsum is divided into direct-drying type and indirect-drying type according to different heat transfers.

1. Direct air-flow drying method: The direct air-flow method is a kind of gas-solid cyclone drying technology with extremely high heat and mass transfer efficiency. For this method, Fote Machinery has researched and developed a set of gypsum calcining technology equipment.

Technical features of gypsum dryer using the direct air-flow drying method:

(1)Gypsum dryer can use a variety of heat sources, such as flue gas, coal gas, or hot air converted from steam or other energy sources.

(2)FTM gypsum drying machine has a compact structure and low investment. All the system parameters have been tested and corrected with strong reliability.

(3)According to the temperature of air source, the gypsum dryer can make the 1800℃ low and slow calcination, the 3000℃ medium-speed calcination, and the 5800℃rapid calcination on the gypsum particles.

(4)The energy consumption of gypsum dryer is low, and the heat consumption generated in the calcinations process is not greater than 350,000 kcal/t.

(5)Gypsum dryer can produce the dry dihydrate gypsum as well as the semi-hydrate gypsum. The air temperature of gypsum dryer can be only 1200℃ when dry dihydrate gypsum, so we can make use of the low-temperature flue gas of the thermal power plant.

gypsum powder

2. Steam indirect drying method: The steam indirect drying method is another set of gypsum drying and calcining technology based on the energy situation and environmental protection requirements of the power plant. This process is to carry out the free water that is easy to remove and the crystal water that is difficult to remove in a double-drum dryer, to make the gypsum drying process more reasonable and facilitate the quality control of product.

Technical features of double-drum gypsum dryer using the steam indirect drying method:

(1)Double-drum gypsum dryer has a large heat transfer area. The installation of this gypsum dryer covers a small area.

(2)It has a high heat utilization rate. The steam consumption per ton of βgypsum powder is not more than 1ton.

(3)Steam below 1.0 MPA can be used as the heat source to meet the requirements of double-drum gypsum dryer.

(4)Double-drum gypsum dryer has the waste heat recovery and reuse device to reduce the energy consumption of the system.

(5)No secondary dust pollution. The exhaust gas emissions of double-drum gypsum can meet the national environmental protection standards.

How to use the dried gypsum more effectively?

Calcium sulfate dihydrate as the raw material of gypsum will turn into calcium after the high-temperature dehydration, which is the finished gypsum product. Gypsum products have their own temperature. Their temperature cannot be lower than 10 degrees below zero. If we use it at the condition lower than minus ten degrees, its strength will be weakened.

What’s more, gypsum product needs to be used once it is mixed. Otherwise, when its coagulation time is over, it is the equivalent of the waste. Even if you have made it into the shape you want, it still without any strength, it will be broken when you dig it with a finger.

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