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Three Major Factors of Gold Ore Dryers Low-Efficiency

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Gold ore separation process is a necessary and the most scientific method to obtain gold. In a complete gold ore separation line, the role of rotary dryer cannot be ignored. While in practical operation, there always are some questions like drying efficiency cannot reach the expected effect. So Fote machinery will do a brief analysis here.

There are three major factors that affect the drying efficiency of gold ore rotary dryer.

1、Human factor

If it is artificially added coal, not timely and uneven addition all will lead to the temperature inside gold ore dryer barrel frequent fluctuation. If the gold ores are given by human, it may lead to uneven feeding and is not match with coal addition. When feeding more gold ores while no more coal, barrel temperature does not increase correspondingly will cause low drying efficiency. When feeding less gold ore, while coal amount does not reduce correspondingly will cause energy consumption increased.

For the feeding problem, a complete gold ore separation line can ensure the concentrated gold ore is directly transported to rotary dryer. As for rotary dryer heat source, FTM experts suggest that users can add a relevant equipment to control the fuel supply, in order to solve the problem of uneven fuel supply.

2、Materials granularity factor

Feeding granularity and uniformity can affect the drying effect. In the case of a certain drying rate, the more area that gold ore contacts the hot air, the better the overall drying effect is. The smaller gold ore particle size is, the less inner diffusion resistance is, which is benefit to improve drying rate. While large gold pellet group is just opposite, it is easy to form a gas film layer and further prevent the heat transfer of inner materials.

Therefore, users should first ensure that gold ore granularity is small and uniform when drying. On the one hand, this can ensure the heat load of rotary dyer stable, so that keeps the moisture of after drying materials consistent. On the other hand, it is easy for users to control the exhaust gas.

3、Rotary dryer structural factor

According to the heat transfer theory, we can know that improve the flow speed of dried air can directly improve the heat transfer coefficient and increases the drying rate. Hot air can be replaced in time, which is good for external diffusion process. However, for the rotary dryer with certain length, the improvement of hot air flow speed will decrease hot air residence time in gold ore dryer barrel, which is likely to affect the thermal efficiency or result in heat waste.

Therefore, contact time and contact area between gold ores and hot air in barrel axial length can be increased. At the same time, users can improve the gold ores dispersion in barrel cross-section by modifying the lifting plate, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient drying. The increase of rotary dryer barrel length can also be used.

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