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Is the Drying Process of Coal Gangue Essential?

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Characteristics of coal gangue

Coal gangue is the dark gray rock with low carbon content and low heating value, which is harder than coal. Coal gangue is mainly composed of inorganic matter including Al, Si, O, Fe, CA, Na, Mg, K, P and Ti. It also contains some heavy metals and rare-earth elements. Among them, SiO2, and Al2O3 account for the largest proportion, the proportion of SiO2 is generally 40%~60% and Al2O3 is about 15%~30%.


The prospect of coal gangue recycling

In many people's consciousness, coal gangue is just the solid waste. So after the mining of coal, it is abandoned and accumulated. The long-term stacked coal gangue will pollute the surrounding soil and groundwater, and also can spontaneous combustion and even cause a fire, which is very harmful.

However, after processing, the coal gangue can be used in the production of coal gangue cement, refractory brick, and other building materials. Moreover it can also be used for coal recovery, power generation, as well as the extraction of precious rare metals, and fertilizer making. The recycling of coal gangue is in low cost but can bring great profits. So, more and more people are optimistic about the investment prospect of coal gangue recycling.

Why should the coal gangue be dried?

Since coal gangue contains a lot of water, and the coal gangue without water removal cannot play its various functions. Although coal gangue dryer only reduces the water of coal gangue, this step is the most basic and also essential. So if we want to make use of coal gangue and make coal gangue create profits for us, we need to dry it first. In general, we need to select the rotary dryer to dry the coal gangue.

How does the rotary dryer dry coal gangue?

There are four working parts in total during the drying process of rotary dryer.

First working part: Feeding area

Coal gangue enters this area and then after the contact with high-temperature negative-pressure hot air, a lot of water is quickly evaporated from the coal gangue. And it becomes not bond together. Then, it is raised by the big-angle lifting flights and guided into the next workspace.

Second working part: Cleaning area

Coal gangue is raised by the lifting flights in this area to form the material curtain state. When the material falls, it is easy to bond on the wall of rotary dryer cylinder. In this area, there is a cleaning device to quickly clean up the material that is sticking to the cylinder wall. In the cleaning process, this device also has the crushing effect on the sticking material, so as to increase the heat exchange area, the heat transfer efficiency, and the drying rate of coal gangue.

Third working part: Beveled lifting flights area

This area is a low-temperature dry area. Coal gangue has been in the loose and low moisture state in this area, there isn’t the cohesive phenomenon. After the heat exchange, the finished products which have met the required moisture requirement will move into the final discharging area.

Forth working part: Discharging area

This area of rotary dryer cylinder has no lifting flight. The dried coal gangue can scroll to the discharge port. Ultimately, the whole drying process is accomplished.

If you are interested in the coal gangue rotary dryer, welcome to consult us online. The best drying equipment is waiting for you.

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