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Seven Principles to Note when Buying the Sand Dryer

Bookmark and Share      Date: 03-03-2018     From: Fote Machinery     Author: Fote Machinery     Sand dryer is generally used to dry granular material, especially the drying effects on sand, river sand and quartz sand are excellent, and the dried sand can be widely used in building materials, chemical industry, casting industries, so there are so many users investing in it recent years. For users who have used the sand dryer, choosing a proper sand dryer is a piece of cake, but for new users, there is not much sand dryer knowledge or any skills in the selection of sand dryer. Only buying a suitable sand dryer can get twice the result with half the effort, if the sand dryer selected by some user is not in conformity with material production, the quality is terrible or manufacturer is irresponsible, there will be a bunch of problems in the subsequent sand dryer production and bring bad influence to the user. Therefore, buying one suitable sand dryer is quite important. Today I will provide you with seven principles when you select the sand dryer.

    The following is the principle of sand dryer selection, it is hard to say which one or several is important, the ideal-type dryer equipment should be defined by user's specific conditions. According to the actual production needs, users shall determine what kind of sand dryer suitable for themselves. The general selection principle of sand dryer is as follows

sand dryer


    We know that sand dryer has wide range of applications, it can apply to a variety of materials, but some models of sand dryer equipment is applied to specific materials, so the users should choose the appropriate sand dryer according to their own actual conditions including the material property, handling quantity and dehydrating amount per hour of drying equipment and the anticipated product effect of users.

2.Constitutive property

    The sand dryer with simple structure and high reliability should be chosen firstly, this kind of sand dryer is easy to be installed, operated and maintained by users and has longer service life, which can effectively lower the production cost of users.

3.Energy consumption

    As the environmental awareness has been strengthened in every country, the requirement of low carbon and environmental protection increasingly strong, so when the clients buy the sand dryer equipment, they should pay attention to whether its energy dissipation is high or low. Only the low-consumption sand dryer can save the production cost of users and avoid being forbidden because it does not meet the national environmental requirements.

4.Capital investment

    It is inevitable that every user wants to use a small amount of money to exchange for greater returns, for some sand dryers, they can achieve the same function but with quite different prices, so after the comparison, the users can choose the cheaper one.

5.Operating costs

    In the production process of sand dryers, there is high or low operating cost, the wastage, depreciation, labor and maintenance costs will be a huge expense, so the users should choose the sand dryer preferred with the low operating cost.

6.Environmental performance

    The environmental performance of sand dryer is stronger, the less pollution will be caused to environment during the working process, the working conditions are better, and the production safety is higher.

7.Test running.

    After determining a good sand dryer manufacture, the users may take their material samples to the manufacturer site for running test before selecting the sand dryer model, so that they can accurately know whether the materials can meet their production requirements after drying.
    Fote Machinery hopes every client can purchase the suitable and satisfied sand dryer after learning these notes, FTM consulting hotline: +86-371-69606666.
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