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How to Solve the Problem of Slow Speed of Drum Dryer?

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Drum dryer is not unfamiliar for us, it is the high-performance drying equipment, has obtained the quite good application in the market. There are many drum dryer manufacturers in the market now, different manufacturers produce equipment with cost performances, some users give their reaction that their drum dryers are in slow speed drying operation, what exactly causes it? How to solve it? This article makes an introduction for every drum dryer user.

Reason 1: 

The drying material of drum dryer is mostly with high water content, because of the material containing a lot of water, so in the process of drying, it will absorb more heat to reach the effect of drying, in general, the material contains moisture content is higher, the drying time of drum dryer is longer.


To improve the drying speed of the drum dryer, it is necessary to dehydrate the material before for the high water content material, so that it is possible to improve the drying speed.

Reason 2: 

Feeding particle size of the material also influence the drying efficiency of the drum dryer, at the time of drying materials, you must control the feeding particle size, ensure the uniform feeding, do not appear overload phenomenon, the drying material particle size is smaller, the faster spread in the drum body, then the drying rate will increase; On the other hand, if the feeding particle size is large, the heat transfer of the inner material will be prevented by the large material, then the drying speed is slow.


Before drying the material, you need to have the proper crushing processing, of materials to conform to the requirements of the drum dryer inlet, and to ensure the uniform feeding and the good drying quality.

Reason 3:

 The equipment in the use processing could not be always with superior soundness, sometimes there will appear a few small problems, such as air leakage, heat shortage or other conditions, which will directly reduce the material drying speed. If the sealed performance of the drum dryer is not good, it will not reach the expected effect of drying with slow drying speed, causing the waste of resources.


Before using your drum dryer, you should have the careful check of the equipment, see if there are small problems, and do timely dealing, so as to ensure the drum dryer with the good working condition and improve the drying speed of your drum dryer.

These are the introductions of three kinds of reason and solution of the drum dryer’s low-speed drying, besides, the drum dryer drying speed also has a certain relationship with their own quality, the high-quality drum dryer naturally has the outstanding drying effect, so the user should choose the optimum equipment when they choose and buy, for more information on the drum dryer, please call Fote Machinery hotline +86-371-69606666 for enquiry.

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