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How to Solve the Inefficient Problem of Rotary Drum Dryer?

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Rotary drum dryers can also known as rotary drum drying machine, used to dry some materials with certain humidity in ore dressing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields, its adaptability to the material is very strong, it can dry a wide range of materials, the operation is also very simple, so the rotary drum dryer has been widely used in the market. The efficiency of any equipment will decline after using a period of time, the rotary dryer is exceptional neither, if the rotary dryer is used for a relatively long time, the drying effect will be poor, in order to ameliorate this phenomenon, this passage gives the specific solutions to the problems.

Reasons for poor drying effect of rotary drum dryer

1. The material with high water content

The dryer to material moisture content control is very strict, if the material in the drying before the moisture was very high, in the drying time, according to the usual drying speed calculation, the effect of drying machine can’t reach the ideal standard.

2. Improper operation of equipment

The operator must be familiar with the operation flow of the equipment. The operation should be taken seriously and mustn’t be careless. The improper operation can affect the drying effect of the rotary dryer.

3. Equipment failure happening

If there is equipment failure happening at running time of rotary dryer, it will lead to the inefficient drying effect, such as the cylinder gas leakage, if this phenomenon occurs, not only is the handling capacity of the rotary dryer small, but the drying effect is not good.

The solutions for the poor drying effect of rotary drum dryer

1.In the drying process of rotary dryer, to confirm that the material moisture content is not too high and meet the equipment requirements aiming at the material’s moisture content, if the water content is high, the drying of the material will be uneven, and the energy consumption of the rotary dryer will increase.

2.The operator should have certain operation skills about the rotary dryer, it is best to offer pre-operating training for the personnel, to make him more familiar with the operation process of the device, so as to ensure that there will be no mistake in their operation, and the drying effect of equipment will not be affected.

3.The maintenance of the rotary dryers should be often carried out, and the equipment should be repaired timely when the drum dryer fails in the work, so as to avoid the big fault of the equipment happening to affect the work efficiency.

4.At ordinary times, clean the remaining materials inside the rotary dryer timely, pay constant attention to the working state of the rotary drying machine, so as to extend the service life of the equipment, and improve the drying efficiency.

5.According to the characteristics of the material, choose the correct drying method, remember not to blindly dry, only the correct method can achieve the best results.

In a word, if you want to improve the drying effect of the rotary drum dryer, besides following the above requirements, you should do the daily maintenance work on your equipment in accordance with the maintenance manual, it is one of the most important things to improve the efficiency of drying equipment.

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