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Which Kind of Industrial Dryer Is Better for Drying Clay?

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Clay, with good plasticity, bonding and thixotropy, is the hydrous silicate mineral mainly containing aluminum and magnesium. It can be used to make ceramic, brick, tile, refractory, etc. in petroleum, construction, textile, paper making, paint and other industries. It takes many steps to process clay minerals,clay drying is also an important processing step, and which kind of industrial dryer is better for drying clay? Many clay processing manufacturers make the similar questions. Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. as a senior mining equipment manufacturer, in order to solve this problem, has appointed the corresponding technical experts to make in-depth research, they have designed and produced out the clay dryer, used for clay drying, calcining process and has good effect. The following is an introduction to their main research results and the performance advantages of FTM clay dryers:

1. Structure and application of FTM clay dryer

FTM clay dryer is designed on the basis of the traditional industrial dryers, combining with the characteristics of clay, has the targeted drying effect. It is usually composed of rotary body, lifting blade, driving device, supporting device, sealing ring and other components. The equipment is designed in a more advanced way with many functions such as guiding, average flow and lifting material, which can be used to make the clay drying more reasonable and scientific.

2. The superior performance of FTM clay dryer

① High yield: The targeted drying dehydration make the clay dryer have high efficiency and high processing capacity, its yield is more than 40% of the production of conventional drying equipment at least.

② Less fuel consumption: It can use electricity, gas, coal and other sources as the heat sources, which can be used alternately to make greater use of heat energy and reduce the waste of energy consumption.

③ Considering the spare capacity of production: FTM technicians combine with the advanced concept design of foreign countries, to make the clay dryer fully reserve the spare space for production, even if the production of customer has a small increase or decrease, there is no need to replace the equipment.

④ Unmatched durability: FTM manufacturing personnel chooses wear-resisting and strong steel casting the drum body and other parts, the equipment can run smoothly, have more powerful anti-overload ability and better durability.

⑤ Environmental production: In the process of drying and dehydration, FTM clay dryer is equipped with high-efficiency noise reduction and dust removal devices, can effectively control the dust, noise and other pollutions, make the contribution to environmental production.

3. How much is the clay dryer?

So how much does it cost to buy one clay dryer? Facing the array of manufacturers in the market, how should customers choose? Above all, to choose the appropriate equipment model to match your production demand and production site, picking up the good manufacturers, because each manufacturer has its own merits, such as production way, casting process and technology investment, so the equipment prices will be different; In addition, there are some dealers and middlemen in the market, in order to earn the price difference, setting the price of the equipment higher.

And what’s the exact price of FTM clay dryer? It is recommended that you consult FTM customer service staff online free, they will give you more comprehensive equipment quotation, and guarantee the price is affordable, the quality is reliable, let you have the super purchasing enjoyment.

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