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How to Improve the Drying Efficiency of Your Drum Dryer

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Along with the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more mineral resources need to be developed and utilized urgently, and the demand for ore processing equipment of the processing factory is higher and higher. The industrial drum dryer as the most commonly used drying equipment in the ore beneficiation process, has fairly wide applications in the industrial areas. But at present, many processing factories said that the drum dryer in the operation process is very low-efficiency, seriously affecting the normal processing and production, then FTM experts will explain the doubt about how to improve the drying efficiency of your drum dryer for you.

1. The quality of combustion chamber is the most important factor affecting the drying efficiency of the drum dryer, so users need to pay special attention to combustion chamber and the blower, before the device start, making the strict inspection for all accessories, having the reasonable regulation and control for temperature and the temperature shall not exceed 50 ℃, to ensure normal operation of the running gear, barrel and rotation system in the running process.

2. Improve the flow velocity and inlet temperature of the hot air, and then improve the efficiency of heat exchange; In a timely manner to replace the drying medium, lower the exhaust emission and heat loss; Improve the heat diffusion capacity inside the drum dryer, and then improve the equipment drying efficiency.

3. Choose the drum dryer with the longer length, because of such drum dryer having longer heat exchange time, so it is more efficient; You can also add the lifting plate device, optimize the internal structure of drum dryer, to increase the contact area of material and hot air flow, on account of the larger the contact area, and the better drying effect.

4. Lessen the particle size of the material. Generally, the smaller the feeding size is, the more conducive to the contact area increase of the material and the hot air flow, and the better the drying efficiency. According to the FTM expert research, the feeding particle size below 20mm is the best.

5.Try to use the downstream drying process in your drum dryer use. The downstream type not only can produce higher-quality products, but also has the higher drying efficiency. Moreover, the discharging material temperature is lower than the exhaust gas temperature, which can effectively prevent the material temperature from being too high and leading to the lower activity.

6. Configure the motor device with adjustable speed. Many drum dryers are inefficient because of the uncontrolled rotation speed of motors, so the configuration of the corresponding adjustable speed motor can be conducive for users to control the speed reasonably, then control the drying time of material inside the drum body, which not only can ensure the quality of dried materials, but also can greatly improve the drying efficiency of drum dryer.

The above analysis shows that the drying efficiency of your drum dryer is directly related to the configuration and performance of the its own components, so FTM experts suggest the massive processing factories be cautious when choosing and buying the drum dryer equipment, it’s better to purchase it from the normal drum dryer manufacturer with strong strength and large scale. Fote Machinery as a professional drum dryer and rotary dryer manufacturer, has more than thirty-year manufacture experience, its manufacture technique is the best in the mining industry. FTM can effectively meet the high demand of processing factory for the output, efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection aspects, so it is a leader in the field of drum dryer manufacturing. More needs on the industrial drying equipment, please contact us online or send email to customer@sinoftm.com.

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