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What Is the Practical Value of Bauxite After Processing

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Bauxite is the general name of a variety of water-bearing alumina ore with different geological sources. Bauxite is opaque and in the khaki color. It is brittle and extremely difficult to melt. And it is insoluble in water but is soluble in sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide solution. Bauxite is mainly used for refining aluminum and making refractory.

Regional distribution of bauxite ore

According to the U.S. Geological Survey data in 2015, the global bauxite resources are 55-75 billion tons. The proven reserves of global bauxite are about 28 billion tons. In terms of national distribution, bauxite is mainly distributed in Guinea, Australia, Brazil, China, Greece, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Jamaica and other countries. The proven bauxite reserves in Guinea (7.4 billion tons), Australia (6.5 billion tons) and Brazil (2.6 billion tons) accounts for about 60% of the global.

The use value of processed bauxite

Bauxite is the best raw material for aluminum production. The aluminum produced from bauxite accounts for more than 90% of the total output of bauxite.

Aluminum and aluminum alloy have admirable electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, light reflectivity and sound insulation. So they become one of the most widely used, the most economic and environmental protection materials.

Among their numerous metal properties, light weight and corrosion resistance are two of its most prominent characteristics. In addition, aluminum can form various high-performance alloys with other metals. These properties make aluminum and aluminum alloys widely used in construction, transportation, electronic power, machinery, daily necessities and packaging materials.

Production capacity and application field of bauxite rotary dryer

Bauxite rotary dryer is the requisite drying equipment used in ore dressing process of bauxite. The production capacity (1.9-76.0 t/h) of bauxite rotary dryer can be determined by the rotary dryer size(Φ1.2×8.0 m-Φ3.6×28 m) and the bauxite property. Bauxite rotary drum dryer can be used to dry a variety of granular and paste materials with high water content, such as hematite, limonite, molybdenum ore, gold ore, iron ore, limestone, clay, etc.

How does the bauxite be dried in the rotary dryer?

Generally speaking, the bauxite rotary dryer makes use of the hot air generated from the electric power, wind power and material burning power to heat up the bauxite in the appropriate temperature, so as to reach the dehumidification purpose.

The bauxite rotary dryer has a cylinder that is slightly tilted in the horizontal direction. Bauxite is added from the higher end. The hot air and material flow into the dryer cylinder and rotate with it. Material runs to the lower end of rotary dryer due to its gravity action.

The inner wall of dryer cylinder is equipped with lifting boards, which can lift up and sprinkle material to increase the contact surface of material and airflow, so as to increase the drying rate and promote the material forward. Ultimately, dry products are discharged from the bottom of bauxite rotary dryer.

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