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What Effective Measures Are Taken to Dry Carbide Slag

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Carbide slag is the industrial residue of coal chemical industry. It can partially replace limestone in dry-type cement production, but it contains a large amount of water, so it needs to be dried separately before grinding. Rotary dryer is the best choice for the carbide slag drying of cement plant.

Rotary dryer

Because the carbide slag has a porous structure and large specific surface area, its water retention is extremely strong, it contains a lot of microcapillary water, the water is similar to the hygroscopic moisture, its vapor pressure is less than the saturated vapor pressure of pure water under the same temperature and difficult to be removed, thereby the mechanical dehydration of carbide slag is more difficult. Then what we should do, and what effective measures should be taken to dry carbide slag, here are the answers.

1.Select the rotary dryer with large diameter (L/D=8.3), so that the carbide slag can have abundant drying time in the effective drying area of rotary dryer:

 Under the effect of multi-stage combined lifting blade, the carbide slag in the rotary dryer falls along the radial like a waterfall,and moves forward along the axial like the wave. The whole set of lifting blade has many functions such as guidance, flow equalize, the resistance to material, etc. and can be artificially controlled the residence time of material in rotary dryer, which effectively improves the contact way and effect of the carbide slag and the hot air inside the rotary dryer and avoid the effect of hot short circuit caused by “wind tunnel”, as the result, the carbide slag can be fully raised and make sufficient heat exchange with hot flue gas.

2.Increase the temperature and flow rate of flue gas to enhance its drying rate:

The temperature of high-temperature flue gas into rotary dryer should be controlled in 900-1000 ℃, and the exhaust temperature out of rotary dryer should be controlled at about 120 ℃, always ensure that carbide slag and flue gas has biggish differences in temperature and humidity inside the rotary dryer.

3.Choose the anti-dew glass fiber bag dust catcher to handle the exhaust gas of rotary dryer:

Due to the loosen volume-weight of the carbide residue with 15% water content is 600g/L, which belongs to lightweight materials and its 1-50μm particles are above 80%. The particulates in carbide slag are tiny, and the dust concentration of the carbide slag waste gas is as high as 100g/Nm3, therefore, it is necessary to select the dust catcher which can gather the fine particulate dust below 5μm and with the dust removal efficiency up to 99.9%. The anti-dew glass fiber bag dust collector of CWF500 thick fiberglass filter cloth can be used to dispose the exhaust gas from rotary dryer, its filter wind speed should be less than 0.5 m/min, so that the exhaust emission can meet the national environmental protection requirements.

Fote Machinery tracks the international new technology, gradually enlarges the research input and new product development intensity, has designed out more mechanical equipment to meet industry requirements trends for users, FTM rotary dryer can be fully customizable,from internal components to portable or stationaryconfiguration to solve the difficult problems in drying carbide slag process. More information related to rotary dryer, welcome to consult us.

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