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Anti-corrosion And Rust Removal Method of Drum Dryer

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For the drum dryer that regularly deals with corrosive materials, we must do a good job of anti-corrosion on the drum dryer. Usually, the drum dryer is made up of shoveling plate, drum body and welding parts, different parts of drum dryer and different uses of drum dryer machine, their anti-corrosion methods are also different. According to the working conditions of the drum dryer, the commonly used antisepsis methods are mainly composed of the following three types:

Drum Dryer

Electrostatic powder spraying method

Electrostatic powder spraying is the method of applying a new-type powder coating to the cylinder of drum dryer. Many manufacturers use this old approach spraying the liquid paint in the drum of drum dryer, but the liquid paint contains a large number of ester ketone, hydrocarbons and other organic solvents, the solvent is inflammable and explosive, which has caused a lot of troubles to the production, construction, and transportation of drum dryer manufacture, and this kind of liquid is toxicity, evaporating into the air will cause serious pollution to the environment. When we manufacture drum dryers, we usually use the cold-rolled stainless steel with expensive cost, but if replaced with plain carbon steel, it cannot have the superior resistance to corrosion. The powder coating used in electrostatic powder coating method has the same anti-corrosion capability as stainless steel, so we can use the common carbon steel instead of stainless steel. And this kind of powder coatings have tenacious, durable, and good decorative characteristic, excellent outdoor cold resistance and heat resistance, as well as great industrial corrosion resistance and excellent gloss, can completely replace the drum dryer made of stainless steel, greatly reduce the manufacturing cost.

Using the austenitic nickel chromium stainless steel to weld

There are many parts of drum dryer that must be welded, the materials used in the old-type welding often have the fracture, corrosion and other phenomena, producing the extremely serious effect on the useful life of drum dryer. The difference between austenitic nickel-chromium stainless steel and common carbon steel is that the thermal conductivity of austenitic nickel-chromium stainless steel is poor, after heating, its expansion coefficient is large and the resistance value is high. These features restrict its application, so we must adopts the special methods in welding with it. However, this kind of steel is extremely corrosive and it is not easy to fracture.

Passivation and phosphating method

In the manufacture of the drum dryer, there are many parts made of carbon steel, if the working time is long, it is easy to cause a large amount of rust on its surface, then we should do the large amount of artificial rust removal work. Passivation and phosphating method is mainly through the electronic and electrochemical reaction, after one-time processing, can make the steel components that full of rust steel present the original color of metal on their surfaces, at the same time, generate the dense antirust coating on the metal surfaces. After using this method, even if we put the device in a humid environment, it will not have rust. Moreover, this method is awesomely simple, can save a lot of manpower and material resources, so as to reduce the investment. It is the most widely anti-corrosion and rust removal method used in drum dryer.

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