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What Are the Warmth Skills of Rotary Sand Dryer in Winter

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With the coming of winter, the maintenance method of rotary sand dryer is changing as well. It has become the most concern of users about how to do the cold prevention work for the rotary sand dryer. In view of this concern, FTM rotary sand dryer manufacturer has sorted out a few related warmth skills of rotary sand dryer in winter. Let’s learn together.

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Rotary sand dryer can be used to evaporate the water from sand material by the heat transfer, so as to achieve the purpose of drying sand materials. Using the minimum thermal energy to realize the best drying effect has always been the pursuing goal of many rotary sand dryer manufacturers and users. In winter, reducing the loss of heat energy inner the sand rotary dryer cylinder is one of the most critical heat preservation measures for the sand rotary dryer.

In winter, how to prevent heat loss of sand rotary dryer more effectively? 

The most direct way is to reduce the opening times of rotary sand dryer cylinder.

The second skill is to add the insulation layer to the rotary sand dryer. 

There are many materials that can be insulated. Users can choose the suitable materials depending on their specific situations. For example, you can wrap the rotary sand dryer with the rock wool to preserve heat. You can also coat with 0.3-1cm thick heat resistant and heat insulating coating on the rotary sand dryer cylinder. And you can purchase them from www.alibaba.com.

The third skill is to strengthen the heat management to the rotary sand dryer

So as to prevent the leakage of drying medium.Users can prevent the leakage of drying media through the series use between induced draft fan and air blower of sand rotary dryer. Then the fuel in the combustion furnace can burn completely, and the rotary sand dryer with hot air circulation can maintain the maximum circulation air volume as far as possible.

The forth skill is that users should prevent the excessive drying of products. 

During the drying process of sand rotary dryer, users should strictly control the finished products within the required water content range, so as to avoid the increase of energy consumption.

The fifth skill is to lower the discharging exhaust gas temperature of rotary sand dryer while increasing the air temperature of inlet. 

This can reduce the heat that the exhaust takes, then increase the temperature difference in the whole drying process of rotary sand dryer. As a result, the thermal efficiency of sand rotary dryer could be improved.

Above are some common techniques offered by FTM experts that can have a certain help on the cold prevention of rotary sand dryer in winter. Daily maintenance is very important for the large mining machinery such as industrial dryers, stone crushers and ore dressing equipment. Therefore, users need to take great care of their rotary sand dryers with heart and strive to make every small detail be best. Then the rotary sand dryer can be sure to have longer normal running and generate greater economic benefits for sand making enterprises.

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