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Three Parameters Should Be Noted When Buying a Drum Dryer

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When the engineers of drum dryer manufacturers make the drum dryer design for their customers, they need to consider a series of problems such as the material property and the actual production environment of customers, of course, the clients also need to pay attention to some problems when buying the drum dryer. Nowadays, more and more clients give clear indication of three parameters besides the drum dryer model and drum dryer productivity in the purchase contract. These three parameters are the thickness of drum dryer shell, the length of drum dryer cylinder and the material lifter design and quantity of the industrial drum dryer. And what are the vital functions of these three parameters, Fote Machinery makes the following analysis:

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1. The steel plate thickness of the drum dryer shell

The thickness of the drum dryer shell is generally 8 mm, but also 6 mm or 12 mm. Because some material is special, so the client will ask to increase or decrease the thickness of the drum dryer cylinder when buying the drum dryer equipment. For example, the high-hardness material may bring the more serious friction and scratch to the drum dryer cylinder than other lower hard materials, so only the drum dryer with the thick steel plate shell can achieve its expected service life period. Sometimes due to too many materials that users want to process at once, they will have the special requests to increase the thickness of the drum dryer shell so as to prolong the service life of drum dryer.

2. The length of drum dryer cylinder

All models of industrial dryer have the drum. And the length of drum dryer cylinder is the important factor to determine the drying effect of drum dryer and restrict the output of drum dryer. The longer the drum dryer cylinder is, the more moisture it evaporates. Judging from its appearance, the main characteristic of drum dryer is that the drum dryer cylinder is long, so the drum dryer volume looks very large. However, the users can adjust the length of industrial drum dryer cylinder according to the different drying materials.

3. The material lifter design and quantity of drum dryer

The industrial drum dryer dries the material through the rotation of its cylinder. In the design of the whole industrial drum dryer, the most unique is the design of the material lifter. The material lifter is mainly used to work in with the rotation of drum dryer cylinder, and throw up the material and scatter them during the runtime of drum dryer so as to further increase the convection area between the material and the hot air. The quantity, the emission density and the curvature of material lifter have been well designed when the drum dryer manufacturers produce the drum dryer equipment, but the experienced drum dryer manufacturers can add or subtract the material lifters in the drum dryer design according to the specific requirements of the customers.

For example, if the user wants to dry some brittle material, he can dry it without the material lifter in order to prevent the material from being damaged; If the user is to dry some materials with high viscosity and humidity, he can increase the material lifter number properly to make the materials disperse more evenly.

Therefore, Fote Machinery recommends that users should judge whether the three parameters of drum dryer can meet their own needs when buying the drum dryer. In addition, in order to enable users to experience the best drying effect of drum dryer, Fote Machinery can manufacture the fully customizable drum dryer according to the user's specific conditions and requirements. If there is any requirement, please contact FTM engineers at customer@sinoftm.com for free.

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