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How to Select a Best Heat Source for Rotary Kiln Dryer?

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In the daily production of rotary kiln dryer, the heat source or fuel frequently used in rotary kiln dryer can be divided into solid fuel, liquid fuel, gas fuel, heat carrier and electric energy. There are various heat sources such as coal, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, combustible chemical gas, water vapor, hot water, electricity, etc. The choice of heat source will directly affect the material drying effect, so it has always been a concern for the users to select a best heat source for the rotary kiln dryer.

Rotary Kiln Dryer

When choosing the heat source material of rotary kiln dryer, users need to consider in different ways. They should not only consider the wet material features and environment of production site, also think about their own economic benefits. Generally, they can follow the five suggestions.

Select the heat source according to actual circumstances

In choosing the heat source for rotary kiln dryer, they’d better choose the more convenient heat source according to the local actual circumstances. They should think about the cost of the heat source itself, meanwhile consider the difficulty level to get the heat source.

The heat source of rotary kiln dryer should be safe and reliable

They should select a heat source for the rotary kiln dryer according to the material characteristics. Different materials need different heat sources, that is the variability. The heat source should be safe and reliable, this requirement is more important for the direct combustion heat source. Some materials are flammable and easy to explode or oxidize, so users can’t adopt the direct combustion heat source when the rotary kiln dryer dry these materials. It is best to choose the indirect heat rotary kiln dryer. However, if users have to use the direct combustion heat source, they should have special flame retardant measures or explosion protection measures in the production of rotary kiln dryer.

Select a heat source that can meet the product quality requirement for rotary kiln dryer

It is also variable to select a heat source according to the product quality requirement. When choosing the heat source for rotary kiln dryer, users should analyze the heating temperature and the cleanliness of the heat source so as to select a suitable one that can meet the quality requirement of dried items.

Select a steerable heat source for rotary kiln dryer

In other words, the heat source should have the controllability. If users want to make the rotary kiln dryer work steadily, they shall select some easily controlled heat sources for their rotary kiln dryers.

The heat source should meet the environmental requirements

When users are choosing the heat source, they need to exclude the smelly heat source. For instance, some heat sources produce a variety of odors and a lot of smoke in the process of combustion, which will cause serious pollution to the atmosphere. Thus, this kind of smelly heat source should be forbidden to use.

In conclusion, in the selection of heat source for rotary kiln dryer, users should follow four principles: no pollution, controllability, practicability and variability. The rotary kiln dryer is a kind of drying equipment which uses heat source to carry out the operation, so it is most likely to produce the exhaust waste and causes serious pollution to environment. Therefore, energy saving and consumption reducing are the social responsibility that dryer equipment users must strictly observe. Meanwhile, the rotary kiln dryer manufacturers should strengthen the R&D of dryer equipment to ensure that the rotary kiln dryer is more environmental protection and energy saving.

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