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Industrial Dryers Applied to Coal Mines

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Industrial dryer for coal mine use is a piece of ideal equipment for coal preparation plants to dewater and dry pulverized or lump coal and coal gangues. By use of high-end design and high-quality materials, this device enjoys great popularity among customers. It has many favorable advantages such as high efficiency, low cost, pollution-free production, low price, big payoff, etc.

Dryer Machine Construction

The machine is mainly composed of the cylinder, switch-plate, feeding device, discharging device, cleaning device, air-inducing device, dust removal device and electric control device, which owns a compact structure, small volume and strong operability.

Characteristics of Coal Dryer

1. Small Investment

This piece of equipment has a simple, compact structure, reducing the occupied area by about 30%. It has many merits like high quality, long usage period of wear parts, fewer times of parts replacement, which helps to prolong the service life of the equipment by about three years and lower the failure rate by 60%.

2. Higher Efficiency

The materials inside the cylinder are in direct contact with the hot-blast air, so the heat is used more efficiently, which raises the drying efficiency by above 40%. In addition, the inner temperature can be controlled by computer.

3. Strong Stability

The disposed materials are of high quality and have even particle size. Meanwhile, the equipment is in stable operating status with high efficiency.

4. Pollution Free

The whole drying machine is sealed well, which helps to assure negative pressure for the production and prevent the dust from escaping from the drying equipment, keeping environment clean and meeting the production requirements of pollution free and low noise.

5. Reasonable Price

Our drying equipment for coal mine use is quite affordable. The price is lower than that of other same products in the market which can save 3,000-4,000 $ for you. We aim at seeking more profits for customers by obtaining a narrow margin.

Tips for Selection of Industrial Dryers for Coal Mine Use

Models diversity makes the selection complicated, for technical parameters, output values and other aspects of machines vary from others in different models. So it is of great importance for investors to conform to scientific guide and choose the right equipment.

1. High quality always counts. Choosing a piece of equipment that has simple structure, high reliability and long service life can always save much troubles and bring in more profits.

2. The selected plant must be capable of satisfying the basic needs of drying of pulverized coal or coal lump, which includes output, dehydrating amount, quality and other aspects.

3. Industrial dryer price and running costs should also be taken into consideration to ensure lower investment, higher profits and price-performance ratio.

4. Make sure that the equipment is able to meet environmental requirements, or the production will be forbidden, which will cause great loss to customers.

5. The hourly output of machine should exceed the actual needs, and it should also be of have high pertinence to coal to ensure better running status.

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