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How Much Does a Dryer Cost?

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A Brief Introduction to Rotary Dryer

The rotary dryer, also called rotary drum dryer machine, is mainly used in drying work of ore dressing, metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials, etc. The materials after processing are kept in their best dryness, meeting the material requirements of different enterprises.

rotary drum dryer machine

How much does a rotary dryer cost? This is a question appealing to many customers. Prices of rotary dryers differ from different manufacturers. With multiple prices of rotary dryer in the market, buyers usually feel confused. Aiming at this point, the technician of Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd will give some introduction and suggestions.

Influencing Factors of the Price of Rotary Dryer

1. Nature of the Manufacturer

The nature of a manufacturer differs from that of another. The prices set by those direct-marketing enterprises who have the capacity of independent research and development are often reasonable. And equipment produced by factories of this kind are of high quality and have excellent equipment performance. However for the factories who are unable to manufacture devices on their own, or even do not have their own manufacturing plant, they earn profits or money from price difference in between. Accordingly, their quotation in the market is high.

rotary drum dryer machine in factory

2. Purchase Price of Raw Materials

The purchase price of raw materials has a great influence on the price of equipment. If the purchase price of raw materials is high, then the overall price of the device will also rise, which lastly results to the high quotation in the market. On the contrary, if the purchase price of raw materials is low, then the production price is also low, resulting to the low selling price in the market.

rotary drum dryer machine in factory

3. Model

Dryers in different sizes or with different models have different drying efficiencies and also different prices. The large specification dryers cost more during the productive process so that the selling prices are high accordingly. But in the mean time, they have high work efficiency. On the contrary, dryers in small sizes have lower selling prices. But their working efficiencies are not so high as that of dryers in larger sizes. What’s more, the profits they turn for buyers are less than larger dryers.

4. Competition

With multiple dryer manufacturers in the market, it is sure that the competition among them is there. Many factories will choose to lower the equipment prices to promote sales if the competition in an area is intense, which results to the low overall market prices. On the contrary, the market prices will be high if the competition is not so strong. In a word, competition is also a key point influencing the market price.

workers are working in rotary drum dryer machineworkers are working in rotary drum dryer machine

The Cheapest Rotary Dryers with Best Quality——Henan Fote Rotary Dryers

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd has years of experience of manufacturing dryers. The rotary drum dryer machine manufactured by our company are of high cost performance. Our equipment are of good quality and have many other favorable features such as long service time, less malfunction and low operating costs, etc. Besides, the equipment are also economical and practical because of the advanced manufacturing process and fine disposal of the details. There are only few wasted resources during the process of manufacture, reducing the market price naturally. In addition, our company is located in a favorable geographical position, which is also very convenient for the transportation, thus the transportation costs are also very low. The market price is the same as the factory price. Our rotary dryers are also welcomed by customers because of complete range of specifications, which meets various requirements of the buyers.

shipping of rotary drum dryer machine

 If you need more details of rotary dryer,please feel free to contact us by leaving message or chatting with our on-line service .

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